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Reinventing the Dairy Industry, one cow at a time

Welcome to the online home of Paris, TX based Daisy Farms.  Daisy Farms is the culmination of a five-generation commitment to the highest quality dairy products the world has to offer.   Tireless focus on healthy, natural, high-quality products paired with our painstaking attention to animal healthcare is our commitment to the world.  Please enjoy our online home.

Our Commitment is Quality

Animal Care

Daisy’s registered Holsteins enjoy treatment, attention, and facilities second to none. Our cows are our pride and joy. They are our babies, and our pets. Research proves that happy, healthy cows provide higher quality milk.


Daisy’s commitment to our animals is to provide only the highest quality of feed ingredients available. Our animals get the best of our home-grown feeds, as well as the most nutrient-rich ingredients from all over the country.

Land Development

Daisy Farms resides on over 7,000 acres, just five miles south of Paris, TX. Our commitment to our animals, employees, and community, is to develop the most beautiful, functional dairy farm in the world! Our in-house site development staff is dedicated to creating a beautiful habitat for wildlife, while optimizing crop farming, and animal raising.


Daisy Farms is committed to the community. We employ a local workforce, and will continue to invest in the community to help build the dream home for our gorgeous Holstein princesses.

Why Daisy Farms' Milk is Better:
About Daisy Farms' Milk

Healthier Cows means Healthier Milk!

Daisy Farms’ ultimate goal is to create  healthier, better quality milk.  We believe that to create the best milk on the planet, it starts with having the healthiest, best cared-for cows on the planet!  Daisy focuses every day on keeping the cleanest housing, best health care, healthiest diets, and best socialization programs for our cows.  And we manage all of their activity through comprehensive use of data and high-level analytics to make sure they get exactly what they need.  Read more below about some of the things that Daisy does to improve the lives of our cows:

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Daisy Farms is looking for high-character, dependable employees looking to build a career in the dairy industry!

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Daisy Farms is located:

Daisy Farms is located at 4482 Highway 24 in Paris, TX 75462.  To contact via telephone, please dial 903.783.1923.

The Daisy Story

For  five generations, Daisy  has been a family company committed to providing the freshest, most wholesome dairy products. Though much has changed since 1917, our family-owned business operates with the same focus and principle nearly a century later. Pure and natural, farm-fresh dairy products.

Ben S - Fifth Generation, Daisy